HTTP Application Workflow

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Workflow


Opulence uses a single point of entry for all pages. In other words, all HTTP requests get redirected through index.php, which instantiates the application and handles the request. Here's a breakdown of the workflow of a typical Opulence HTTP application:


  1. User requests
  2. Your virtual host redirects the request through
  3. bootstrap/http/start.php is loaded, which instantiates an Application object
  4. Various configs are read, and bootstrappers are registered
  5. Pre-start tasks are run
    1. Bootstrappers' bindings are registered by the bootstrapper Dispatcher
    2. Bootstrappers are run by the bootstrapper Dispatcher
  6. The application is started
  7. An HTTP Kernel is instantiated, which converts the HTTP request into a response
    • The path "/users/23/profile" is detected by the request
  8. All global middleware are run
  9. The Router finds a route that matches the request
    • The user Id 23 is extracted from the URL here
  10. The Dispatcher runs any middleware registered specifically to this route
  11. The Dispatcher dispatches the request to the Controller
    • The user Id is injected into the controller method
  12. The Controller processes data from the request, updates/retrieves any appropriate models, and creates a Response
  13. The Response is sent back to the user
  14. Post-start tasks are run
  15. Pre-shutdown tasks are run
  16. The application is shut down
  17. Post-shutdown tasks are run